JSC “Institute “Orgenergostroy” carries out the whole complex of works on design of power engineering, oil-and-gas and industrial facilities. The Company is the leader in design of construction and assembling bases, development of especially complicated Work Execution Plans for nuclear power plants.

All activities are carried out by experienced specialists of the company in strict compliance with construction codes and design norms for power engineering, oil-and-gas and industrial facilities both in Russia and abroad. The works for nuclear engineering facilities are completely coordinated with IAEA codes.

Special importance is given to the compliance with ecological requirements and codes.

The company staff comprises high-qualified designers, developers and engineers able, jointly in complex and qualitatively, to realize all stages of design, pre-design and associated works, including:

  • Inspection of buildings and structures; 
  • Development of all required documents (JOI, DD, WD, COP, WEP, etc.);
  • Agreeing the design documents with controlling organizations and supervising authorities of the country where works are being performed;
  • Selection of materials, equipment and construction technologies;
  • Design supervision

The engineering-technological concepts proposed by our company are aimed at provision of the client with max. economy of investments and labor expenditures in construction, as well as at reduction of terms of project realization.

Within the list of competences of JSC OES in development of design and technological documents following object are contained:

  • Belorusskaya NPP;
  • Kurskaya NPP;
  • Leningradskaya NPP-2;
  • Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2;
  • «Belene» NPP, Bulgaria.

Besides, the specialists of the company have developed the concepts of bases for “Hanhikivi” NPP (Finland), “Ninh Thuan” NPP (Viet Nam), as well as of CAB during construction of NPPs in Jordan and Armenia.

All design divisions of JSC “Institute “Orgenergostroy” are carrying out activities within the single technical policy based on synergic effect from application of a body of norms, principles and modern procedures for design and development of technologies for new projects of construction, reconstruction and overhaul of power engineering and industrial facilities.

Our specialists have complete technical facilities and all required competences and experience for realization of projects of any complexity applying any modern technologies, including BIM.

What is BIM?

Orgenergostroy has all competences for realization of the project in compliance with modern standards and technologies, including applying the newest technology of Building Informative Modeling - BIM.

The technology is based on development and application of an integrated intellectual 3D model of a building, and on collection and processing of all required data about architect-planning, structural, economic, technological and operation characteristics of an object in consolidated information area. It contributes to not only more qualitative project management at all stages of project life cycle – from engineering survey to operation and dismantling stages – but also allows operatively detecting the faults and tracking the process of elimination of them, introducing corrections into the design directly at the construction site.

Our design specialists are experienced in application of key BIM-programs (Autodesk, Tekla, Trimble, and Graphisoft) and are able to use both the provided, just existing models of buildings, and to develop from “zero” for each specific case.

JSC OES experience in adaptation, introduction and application of BIM technology at our current key objects demonstrated positive results such as: reaching of quicker rates of project realization, higher quality of construction, as well significant reduction of labor expenditures.

JSC OES since foundation is a high-tech company targeted at constant improvement of all construction processes from setting design objective to decommissioning. We are absolutely sure that the future of construction industry belongs to such technology. That is why Orgenergostroy today applies and promotes actively the technology of information modeling of the buildings in majority of the projects under realization.

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