One of the key directions of activities of Joint Stock Company “Institute “Orgenergostroy” is performance of construction and erection, repair and recovery, and pre-commissioning works both in Russia and abroad.

Nowadays, consolidation of the positions and extension of competences within construction of nuclear, power engineering, mining, hydraulic engineering and civil facilities is the top target of Orgenergostroy.

Our main competitive advantage is accumulated potential of engineering staff, wide-range engineering capabilities, fitness for both autonomous taking a project, from formulation of an objective to project decommissioning, and integration into the started construction process as well.

Contractual commitments of the company, in terms of construction and erection works (CEW), are implemented in strict compliance with effective construction codes and standards of Russian Federation (SNiP, GOST, etc.) and with those of IAEA, as well as with requirements and standards of the countries where works are being performed.

Orgenergostroy has at his disposal own building technics and equipment. Besides, JSC OES has strong links with leading world manufacturers that allows us providing operatively a project with all required mechanical aids of different purpose anywhere in the world.

The most relevant construction projects of Orgenergostroy, works on which were completed or are being performed nowadays:

  • Construction and installation work to build two clusters — Educational and Crossdisciplinary — of the Innovative Science and Technological Center of the Moscow State University "Vorobyovy Gory" (ISTC MSU).
  • Realization of the Project of the first in People’s Republic of Bangladesh “Rooppur” NPP, including construction of such important facilities as: construction industry base (comprising production shops, warehouses and administrative buildings, logistic facilities), water disposal structures and protective dam of the Plant Industrial site, as well as shoreline stabilization structures preventing erosion of the Plant territory by Ganges River, construction of the one of the largest Cargo Terminals on Padma River required for receiving of heavy-weight equipment. Activities on construction of NPP key objects, including: nuclear service building with personnel facilities of controlled access area, buildings and structures for cooling water system, pump station for essential loads, including proper pump-station (one of the most complex objects and of most important stages of NPP construction), dry cooling towers;

  • Repair and recovery works at Berezovskaya SDPP, Power unit №3, belonging to PJSC “Unipro” (subsidiary company of German Consortium Uniper), including clearing of over 2000t of debris, dismantling and mounting of unique suspended boiler and of boiler equipment (total weight is over 25000t). On April 9, 2021, a set of mandatory tests under load was successfully completed, as a result of which power unit No. 3 was put into operation.;

  • Construction of the fourth-generation multipurpose fast neutron research reactor MBIR (JSC "SSC NIIAR”), designed for irradiation and post-irradiation research and examination, as well as for the development and testing of cutting-edge technologies and materials;
  • Construction of main coal conveyor "Solntsevsky coal mine - coal seaport" Shakhtersk" with closed type conveyor gallery, special dust exhaust system and modern dust separation equipment minimizing harmful  environmental effects;
  • Residential buildings of increased comfort in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, with the use of modern design and planning solutions, as well as a developed internal infrastructure.

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