ISTC MSU "Sparrow Hills”

"Sparrow Hills” Innovative Science and Technology Center of the Moscow State University was established under the Federal Law of 29.07.2017 No. 216-FZ "On Innovation Science and Technology Centers and on Amendments to Certain Regulations of the Russian Federation" and the Decree of the Russian Government of March 28, 2019 No. 332 "On Establishing the MSU "Sparrow Hills” Innovative Science and Technology Center.

The key idea of ISTC is to create a world-class innovation ecosystem on the new territory of Lomonosov Moscow State University in order to implement the priorities of science and technology development in Russia, increase the investment attractiveness of research and development, commercialize their products, expand access for citizens and legal entities to participate in promising, commercially attractive scientific and technical projects.

Joint Stock Company Institute Orgenergostroy, a member of the Association of organizations of the construction complex of the Nuclear Industry (ACCNI), is the general designer and contractor of four ISTC MSU clusters—Crossdisciplinary, Educational, Nanotech, and Engineering—and is currently performing construction and installation work at the facilities.

Similar to its other projects, Orgenergostroy widely promotes and applies state-of-the-art BIM building information modeling technology when implementing the MSU ISTC. The technology allows not only a better and more accurate control over the work progress and significantly optimizes the cost and timing, but also minimizes the risk of human error and emergencies, both during project implementation and after commissioning of the facility.