NPP Paks is the only operating nuclear power plant in Hungary, built according to the Soviet design in the 80s.

The decision on the need to build two new units at the NPP was made in 2009. The construction of the Paks II NPP will improve the country's energy security, will become an important step in the development of Hungary's industry, create new jobs, and contribute to the solution of social issues. It is planned that the construction of additional units will not only solve the problem of the republic's electricity shortage, but will also allow export to neighboring regions.

The complexity of the project lies in the fact that the placement of buildings and structures on a dedicated site is carried out in cramped conditions, taking into account the existing facilities located at the site of the future construction site. One of such facilities is the station's training center with an exact copy of the reactor department, which allows training specialists from all over the world, as well as practicing emergency situations in the most detailed and safe manner.

In addition, the construction site of the new power units of the plant is located close to the existing units of the Paks NPP, which requires compliance with strict safety requirements for all project facilities.

Since 2015, highly qualified specialists of the Joint Stock Company “Institute “Orgenergostroy” have been performing work on the Paks II NPP project.

To construct Units 5 and 6 at Paks II NPP, Orgenergostroy has already completed the design and construction documents for the temporary buildings and structures (including the construction and installation base).

Comprehensive engineering studies are being carried out at the site where future power units will be located, including an assessment of the environmental impact of chemical emissions and acoustic impacts during its construction and throughout its operational life. A procedure for direct concreting the integrated foundation slab and constructing concrete blinding for the nuclear island is being developed, including the selection of the best concrete mixture compositions and subsequent engineering support during direct concreting.



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