Quality policy

Quality policy of JSC "Institute "Orgenergostroy"

The quality policy is part of the general policy of JSC "Institute" Orgenergostroy "(hereinafter - JSC OES) and corresponds to its objectives in the implementation of its main activities: design and construction and installation works, rendering services to organizations engaged in construction, repair, reconstruction and operation. buildings and structures, including nuclear power facilities.
The main goal of JSC OES in the implementation of its activities is to ensure the high quality of the work performed through the unconditional fulfillment of the established requirements and the use of modern technologies and achievements of science and technology. When performing work in the field of nuclear energy, the top priority of JSC OES is to ensure nuclear safety and environmental protection. This means that when considering any issues and alternative solutions, unconditional priority is given to the implementation and enforcement of these requirements.
The safety, technical and economic efficiency of the results of the work performed is ensured by the fact that each unit of JSC OES participating in them and each of its employees performs their tasks in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents for the work performed, and for work in the field of nuclear energy and regulatory documents governing the rules and safety standards in nuclear power.
The management of JSC OES assumes responsibility for ensuring that all employees understand their role and responsibility for the implementation of this quality policy and the implementation of all its principles.
In order to achieve the goals specified in this policy statement, the management of JSC OES undertakes to create conditions that will contribute to the achievement, maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality level of activities, both of individual performers and the organization as a whole.
The management of JSC OES guarantees that the rights and responsibilities of all employees of the organization will be such as to ensure the maximum quality of the results of their activities.
The basis for ensuring the required level of quality is the prevention of defects and inconsistencies at all stages of the work, and not only their identification, fixation and elimination.
The management of JSC OES realizes that in the process of performing work, for one reason or another, unforeseen (abnormal) situations may arise that may affect the quality of the work performed. Therefore, each of his employees, regardless of his service rank, is brought to the understanding that in no case should he hide, but on the contrary should inform his immediate management and his Customer about the occurrence of such a situation.
All provisions of the JSC OES Policy in the field of work quality are mandatory for all managers and persons responsible for the implementation of quality assurance tasks.
Personally, I, as General Director, take responsibility for regular analysis, performance evaluation and revision of the quality management system of JSC OES, as well as the obligation to comply with the requirements and constantly improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
Environmental policy of JSC OES.

The goal of the environmental policy of JSC OES is to constantly improve the environment by reducing the negative impact of pollution in the provision of services for the operation, construction and decommissioning of nuclear power plants, in terms of the performance of work and the provision of services to the operating organization; in the preparation of design documentation, engineering surveys, energy inspection, construction, reconstruction, overhaul of buildings and structures, and decommissioning of nuclear power plants, as well as in the performance of work affecting the safety of especially dangerous, technically complex, unique and other capital construction projects (the full scope of activities is indicated in the Appendix to the certificate of conformity on 6 sheets).

To achieve this goal, we are based on the use of the following basic principles of environmental policy:

  • improvement of the work production technology in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment, maximize the saving of material resources, and reduce waste;
  • ensuring environmental safety of the work carried out, as well as taking into account environmental aspects when introducing new technological processes and materials;
  • monitoring environmental pollution and improving the monitoring system for environmental parameters;
  • reducing the likelihood of emergencies and personnel readiness to adequately respond to accidents that have occurred;
  • the availability of information material on environmental issues when discussed with working personnel, consumers and other interested parties;
  • constant training of personnel in environmental knowledge, incentives for personnel to work, leading to a decrease in environmental pollution;
  • continuous improvement and improvement of the environmental management system based on the analysis of its effectiveness.

The management of JSC OES undertakes:

  • to constantly improve the environment and prevent environmental pollution in the manufacture of products and the provision of services to ensure the functioning of production;
  • comply with the requirements of the environmental legislation.

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